Real Estate Mapping Tools

24 Oct

The business life in the real estate has tremendously changed.  A number of innovations have emerged.  The old tradition of relying on brochures and use of rolodex can allow you to achieve very little.  Technology in the real estate is on the rise, from residential to commercial branches.  Just like leaders in the other markets, as a real estate agent, you cannot afford to avoid the use of latest technology.  By embracing technology, you will be able to produce a big number of benefits at a very fast rate.  Consumers on the other side have very high expectations, which can be effectively met with the use of modern technological tools of estate mapping.  They need digital interactions which can yield almost instant results.  You will remain relevant in the market if you become techno savvy and start using the tools which can enable you do match the changing market demands.

Drones have become a perfect Digital Map Products tool to use in collecting data nowadays. You thought they are only for stylistic video shooting? Aviation rules have changed and every industry is now able to use the technology to take their service delivery to the next level.  Technology has also improved certainty on where and who is flying them.  Within a short time period you will be able collect the data you want.  You can explore buildings in every courtyard.  You can literally and closely move from street to street and lane to lane.  The other advantage with the use of this tool is that the same data can be used to create surface terrains by showing hill shades in land management.  Hidden features such as banks, slopes and caves can be detected more clearly.

The other tool is data in the clouds.  How you can view maps and data has been changed nowadays with Google earth. A myriad of entities are now posting authoritatively collected data on the earth.  You will be able to access a living global map.  All satellite imageries are available online.  It is a very rich source of information on land surface changes.  You will find more information useful to you as real estate professional just it is relevant to land owners.

In addition, sketching, markup and marketing tools are quite useful.  They are offer a simple solution of accessing land parcels and data. Using the online software you can upload files, trace parcel lines and get particulars on ownership.

Modern technology real estate tools, have proven to be a perfect solution towards solving real estate challenges. See more about maps at

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